Nine of Cups: Black Friday

black-friday      nine-of-cups

I’m been thinking about Black Friday and the Tarot. After looking at a number of cards, I settled on the Nine of Cups.  This card is about feeling Fulfilled, Pleasure, and Satisfaction. I assume that is what people are looking for as an outcome for their Black Friday activities. While these emotions are positive, the card can be seen in a few ways.

Take a close look at this card. It features a man sitting defiantly in front of a tall display table of of prized valuable cups. His look of satisfaction or feeling maybe the one achieved after a successful venture into the shopping frenzy that has become an annual tradition in the US.

He could be sitting in front of his cups like a proud collector or successful shopper, or I see him as a merchant waiting for an offer, a gatekeeper if you will. The cups could be seen as a desire like a vision of what this person may want like a dream that hangs over his head tempting and taunting him.

Also, whats under the cups under the table cover? Is this the really good stuff, the elusive item, deal, sale, big fish, score that will make waiting outside on one of the coldest days of the year, to endure crowds, lines, and chaos worth it.

The question is how long will that satisfaction last? Can this guy maintain his satisfaction, fulfillment and pleasure from his say nine valuable cups? Maybe. But he is just sitting there guarding his stuff and holding firm with his arms folded. Does he use this cups? And if he does, does he need nine? Note the complete lack of other people in this card. Is it about feeling satisfied with our stuff to the exclusion of social interaction?

The people in the Black Friday mob in the other picture will most definitely tare into their bags, and boxes and start putting together there stuff with the same frenzied determination they put into their shopping like the huge animal roasting on a spit after a successful hunt. Out with the old (or slightly used) in with the new (slightly newer, slightly better-ish) is the battle cry.

But the question is do we really need nine cups? And considering that Black Friday is now Black Thanksgiving Day, I have to wonder if like the Nine of Cups, we are trading our family and social life for material satisfaction.

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Woman of the US Supreme Court: The High Priestess

Supreme-Court-PortraitHigh Priestess

A portrait has been completed of the woman of the US Supreme Court. While this portrait was along time coming, the group looks rather small considering that there have been 116 Justices. Lets hope that we see more woman painted in in the years to come.

A card representing a judge in the Tarot deck would logically be Justice. After all the figure on that card is a judge in the Justice card. But I have selected the High Priestess for these Judges. The High Priestess card represent intuitions, sudden insights, empathy and an understanding of human nature. It’s also about an understanding and knowledge of science and the scientific process, which I feel is key towards making sound judgement.

A good way to remember this card is to picture the round sphere on the High Priestess head as a light bulb as in the iconic cartoon light bulb that appears above ones head when they have received a sudden insight, and the feelings associated with that.

Take the Citizen United vote. The Supreme Court held in Citizens United that it was unconstitutional to ban free speech through the limitation of independent communications by corporations, associations, and unions, that corporations and labor unions may spend their own money to support or oppose political candidates through independent communications like television advertisements.

The Citizens United ruling also removed the previous ban on corporations and organizations using their treasury funds for direct advocacy. These groups were freed to expressly endorse or call to vote for or against specific candidates, actions that were previously prohibited.

The women on the court voting against it. Why did they vote against it?

I feel that goes back the High Priestess and their understanding of human nature. Instinctively, if we allow the richest, most powerful and self interested among us even more power and say, they will take it. And they did immediately. Millions of dollars flooded into our political speech in the last two elections from a handful of rich donors. And this is just the beginning.

The keyword here in the ruling is Associations. This included 501 c3, nonprofit organizations. By law nonprofits are shield from having to disclose their donors. Suddenly fake nonprofit political groups were started to funnel pile of cash into political advertising by secret donors.

This meant that a corporation or wealthy individual could donate generously to a fake political nonprofit and massively influence the outcome of an election and be sheltered from having their intentions and political opinions known. Most corporation would not go out on a political limb because of obvious blow back from potential customers that oppose their stance. Product boycotts and a negative media reactions are common when a company of corporate head starts getting political.

The High Priestess’s understanding of science also lead to her voting against this. It was an easy cause and effect scenario. You allow the uber rich to give unlimited to elections by direct advertising and you end up with an uber rich guy (or corporation) on the right against an uber rich guy on the left in some twisted game of mass political monopoly with the people left out.     

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Game Three 2013 World Series: Justice

game 3 World Series 2013 Justice

The outcome of game three of the World Series was amazing. The call by the umpire for runner obstruction lead to a 5-4 Cardinal win over the Red Socks. This is all about the Justice card.

The Justice card in the Tarot deck stands for the law, astute discernment, and accountability. The umpire laid down the law (rules) and the third basement was held accountable for accidentally tripping the runner from running home. A replay of the actions shows a very, very close tag out from the catcher, which suggests that the runner most like would have scored.

Full disclosure, I am routing for the Red Socks to win.

Of course justice to some like the Cardinal’s and their fans will be injustice to others like the Boston Red Sock and their fans. The serious expression on the figure on the card suggests a stern person who lays down the law and who does his best to fellow the rules. The balance scales are to symbolize fairness and balanced level headed rulings. The sword is to stand by the verdict with strength to counter the criticism the judge/umpire may receive.

The Justice card in a layout suggests a time to hold ourselves accountable. It’s a serious card because of the rather serious nature of taking stock of ones past. Justice can come from either an outside source like a boss, judge, close relation, or internally from something you have done that you need to take responsibility for.

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Ten of Pentacles Reversed: Jofi Joseph


Jofi Joseph was foreign policy expert for the White House before he was recently fired for his anonymous twitter account postings, which he held for two years. Under the name @natsecwonk, Joseph would take shots at political rivals like Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, but his musing turned to criticism against co-workers and administration policy.

The Ten of Pentacles in the standard position stands for home and family, stability, and thrust. We see a father figure playing/feeding his dogs with his family socializing. Its a relaxing time after a dinner. The grapes at his side show bounty and good times.

But in the reverse position (upside down) this card means gossip, sneakiness and craving admiration. Until he was fired, Jofi was part of the Obama administration’s trusted family. But that was not enough. He desired to gossip, to gain attention, to hide behind a fake name and get a charge out of it.

We all know a Jofi type. He/she is the person in the family that spills a trusted secret like a family members drinking or drug use, or a brother or sisters secret sexuality. Or these people simply like to get a charge by talking behind someones back.

In the picture on the card we see to figures in the background talking. The one with his back turned represents the gossip when this card is Reversed.

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The Five of Swords: Senator Ted Cruz


Senator Ted Cruz was one of the architects of the recent US government shutdown.

He and his small group of friends held up an up or down vote in congress to pass a budget as a show of “strength.” In the end the Republicans, and the Tea Party’s approval rating took a huge dip, consumer confidence went down, it cost $3.1 billion in gross domestic product, and put the world on notice that the US might default on our debt because of a few Tea Party rebels. And It also slowed job growth to the tune of a loss of about 100,000 new jobs. And he has no regrets. He thinks its his crowning achievement that he plans to use as a platform for a potential 2016 presidential bid

The Five of Swords is about being destructive and misusing power. The figures in the background of the card show people who have suffered a humiliating lost and defeat. These are the folks in the GOP who were taken along for a ride by Cruz and his shutdown fans. Talks are now starting about a Dem take back of the House.

But the figure in front attracted me to this card and why I have selected it to represent Ted Cruz.

It’s of a smug teen not unlike a recently elected junior Senator Cruz. The expression on the teen’s face is celebratory. A classic interpretation is to view this character as a victor from a rival team, which is kind of the case with the modern day GOP between moderates and the Tea Party. The Tea Party would seem to be the opposing team.

The character relishes in his power represented by gathering the swords left behind by his failed fellow teammates in the game, a game he also lost. But he does not see it that way. He see destruction, even his own team’s destruction, as a win. Destruction is the point of the card.

The Five of swords is also about alienating friends, which Cruz certainly did with the rest of the GOP and on the fence supporters of the Tea Party. Cruz and the shutdowners have made it hard for Joe Tea Partier to stand proud for their team.

Interestingly, the Five of Swords also represents Bad Advice, which is the advice Cruz and the shutdown folks gave in order to create this whole thing to begin with.

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The Fool: Miley Cyrus


I have selected the Fool card for Miley Cyrus. Much has been tweeted, facebooked, and ranted about Miley Cyrus’s now legendary twerking at the MTV Video Music Awawards.

But before we right Miley off as a fool, the Fool card does not mean someone’s an idiot. The Fool is about being spontaneous, youthful and open to new experiences. The small dog in the Fool card suggests a playful friend, a fellow traveler, a dance partner at a party.

The Fool can be the center of attention like Miley was during the VMA’s, or mindlessly wanderer. This is not a bad thing. The Fool is the guy/girl at the party having fun. They may be the first person to jump into the pool, to start dancing when the wall flowers keep a protective distance, or someone who can laugh at the rules. Their inhibition and desire to travel and new discover can give the Fool great insight.

Miley took some heat for being the Fool, but it has paid off. It’s Miley, Miley, Miley every where in the media. And while some blindly walk off the cliff like the Fool in the card, in the era of social media, the Fool tends to rise above in the competition for the all important and much desired media attention.

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The Chariot: Obama and Obamacare

obamaTarot by BrianBy now most have heard the news about the problems with the website roll out for the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare.

The Tarot card I have selected for these events is the

Chariot. The Chariot is about receiving luck through hard work. Unlike the Wheel of Fortune where luck comes to you, the Chariot is about trailing ahead through obstacles and making your own luck. This is where I see Obama with this situation.

Indeed the website roll out is an obstacle, and the current situation seems more like getting a flat tire on the chariot, but through persistence luck and good fortune will prevail to those willing to ride forward. Healthcare reform is decades in the making. The selection of the Chariot card is a peek into the future. In the days to come, Obama and the Affordable Care Act will work through the bumps on the road to provide the benefits it offers.

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