The Chariot: Obama and Obamacare

obamaTarot by BrianBy now most have heard the news about the problems with the website roll out for the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare.

The Tarot card I have selected for these events is the

Chariot. The Chariot is about receiving luck through hard work. Unlike the Wheel of Fortune where luck comes to you, the Chariot is about trailing ahead through obstacles and making your own luck. This is where I see Obama with this situation.

Indeed the website roll out is an obstacle, and the current situation seems more like getting a flat tire on the chariot, but through persistence luck and good fortune will prevail to those willing to ride forward. Healthcare reform is decades in the making. The selection of the Chariot card is a peek into the future. In the days to come, Obama and the Affordable Care Act will work through the bumps on the road to provide the benefits it offers.

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