The Five of Swords: Senator Ted Cruz


Senator Ted Cruz was one of the architects of the recent US government shutdown.

He and his small group of friends held up an up or down vote in congress to pass a budget as a show of “strength.” In the end the Republicans, and the Tea Party’s approval rating took a huge dip, consumer confidence went down, it cost $3.1 billion in gross domestic product, and put the world on notice that the US might default on our debt because of a few Tea Party rebels. And It also slowed job growth to the tune of a loss of about 100,000 new jobs. And he has no regrets. He thinks its his crowning achievement that he plans to use as a platform for a potential 2016 presidential bid

The Five of Swords is about being destructive and misusing power. The figures in the background of the card show people who have suffered a humiliating lost and defeat. These are the folks in the GOP who were taken along for a ride by Cruz and his shutdown fans. Talks are now starting about a Dem take back of the House.

But the figure in front attracted me to this card and why I have selected it to represent Ted Cruz.

It’s of a smug teen not unlike a recently elected junior Senator Cruz. The expression on the teen’s face is celebratory. A classic interpretation is to view this character as a victor from a rival team, which is kind of the case with the modern day GOP between moderates and the Tea Party. The Tea Party would seem to be the opposing team.

The character relishes in his power represented by gathering the swords left behind by his failed fellow teammates in the game, a game he also lost. But he does not see it that way. He see destruction, even his own team’s destruction, as a win. Destruction is the point of the card.

The Five of swords is also about alienating friends, which Cruz certainly did with the rest of the GOP and on the fence supporters of the Tea Party. Cruz and the shutdowners have made it hard for Joe Tea Partier to stand proud for their team.

Interestingly, the Five of Swords also represents Bad Advice, which is the advice Cruz and the shutdown folks gave in order to create this whole thing to begin with.

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