The Fool: Miley Cyrus


I have selected the Fool card for Miley Cyrus. Much has been tweeted, facebooked, and ranted about Miley Cyrus’s now legendary twerking at the MTV Video Music Awawards.

But before we right Miley off as a fool, the Fool card does not mean someone’s an idiot. The Fool is about being spontaneous, youthful and open to new experiences. The small dog in the Fool card suggests a playful friend, a fellow traveler, a dance partner at a party.

The Fool can be the center of attention like Miley was during the VMA’s, or mindlessly wanderer. This is not a bad thing. The Fool is the guy/girl at the party having fun. They may be the first person to jump into the pool, to start dancing when the wall flowers keep a protective distance, or someone who can laugh at the rules. Their inhibition and desire to travel and new discover can give the Fool great insight.

Miley took some heat for being the Fool, but it has paid off. It’s Miley, Miley, Miley every where in the media. And while some blindly walk off the cliff like the Fool in the card, in the era of social media, the Fool tends to rise above in the competition for the all important and much desired media attention.

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