Ten of Pentacles Reversed: Jofi Joseph


Jofi Joseph was foreign policy expert for the White House before he was recently fired for his anonymous twitter account postings, which he held for two years. Under the name @natsecwonk, Joseph would take shots at political rivals like Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, but his musing turned to criticism against co-workers and administration policy.

The Ten of Pentacles in the standard position stands for home and family, stability, and thrust. We see a father figure playing/feeding his dogs with his family socializing. Its a relaxing time after a dinner. The grapes at his side show bounty and good times.

But in the reverse position (upside down) this card means gossip, sneakiness and craving admiration. Until he was fired, Jofi was part of the Obama administration’s trusted family. But that was not enough. He desired to gossip, to gain attention, to hide behind a fake name and get a charge out of it.

We all know a Jofi type. He/she is the person in the family that spills a trusted secret like a family members drinking or drug use, or a brother or sisters secret sexuality. Or these people simply like to get a charge by talking behind someones back.

In the picture on the card we see to figures in the background talking. The one with his back turned represents the gossip when this card is Reversed.

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