Game Three 2013 World Series: Justice

game 3 World Series 2013 Justice

The outcome of game three of the World Series was amazing. The call by the umpire for runner obstruction lead to a 5-4 Cardinal win over the Red Socks. This is all about the Justice card.

The Justice card in the Tarot deck stands for the law, astute discernment, and accountability. The umpire laid down the law (rules) and the third basement was held accountable for accidentally tripping the runner from running home. A replay of the actions shows a very, very close tag out from the catcher, which suggests that the runner most like would have scored.

Full disclosure, I am routing for the Red Socks to win.

Of course justice to some like the Cardinal’s and their fans will be injustice to others like the Boston Red Sock and their fans. The serious expression on the figure on the card suggests a stern person who lays down the law and who does his best to fellow the rules. The balance scales are to symbolize fairness and balanced level headed rulings. The sword is to stand by the verdict with strength to counter the criticism the judge/umpire may receive.

The Justice card in a layout suggests a time to hold ourselves accountable. It’s a serious card because of the rather serious nature of taking stock of ones past. Justice can come from either an outside source like a boss, judge, close relation, or internally from something you have done that you need to take responsibility for.

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