Woman of the US Supreme Court: The High Priestess

Supreme-Court-PortraitHigh Priestess

A portrait has been completed of the woman of the US Supreme Court. While this portrait was along time coming, the group looks rather small considering that there have been 116 Justices. Lets hope that we see more woman painted in in the years to come.

A card representing a judge in the Tarot deck would logically be Justice. After all the figure on that card is a judge in the Justice card. But I have selected the High Priestess for these Judges. The High Priestess card represent intuitions, sudden insights, empathy and an understanding of human nature. It’s also about an understanding and knowledge of science and the scientific process, which I feel is key towards making sound judgement.

A good way to remember this card is to picture the round sphere on the High Priestess head as a light bulb as in the iconic cartoon light bulb that appears above ones head when they have received a sudden insight, and the feelings associated with that.

Take the Citizen United vote. The Supreme Court held in Citizens United that it was unconstitutional to ban free speech through the limitation of independent communications by corporations, associations, and unions, that corporations and labor unions may spend their own money to support or oppose political candidates through independent communications like television advertisements.

The Citizens United ruling also removed the previous ban on corporations and organizations using their treasury funds for direct advocacy. These groups were freed to expressly endorse or call to vote for or against specific candidates, actions that were previously prohibited.

The women on the court voting against it. Why did they vote against it?

I feel that goes back the High Priestess and their understanding of human nature. Instinctively, if we allow the richest, most powerful and self interested among us even more power and say, they will take it. And they did immediately. Millions of dollars flooded into our political speech in the last two elections from a handful of rich donors. And this is just the beginning.

The keyword here in the ruling is Associations. This included 501 c3, nonprofit organizations. By law nonprofits are shield from having to disclose their donors. Suddenly fake nonprofit political groups were started to funnel pile of cash into political advertising by secret donors.

This meant that a corporation or wealthy individual could donate generously to a fake political nonprofit and massively influence the outcome of an election and be sheltered from having their intentions and political opinions known. Most corporation would not go out on a political limb because of obvious blow back from potential customers that oppose their stance. Product boycotts and a negative media reactions are common when a company of corporate head starts getting political.

The High Priestess’s understanding of science also lead to her voting against this. It was an easy cause and effect scenario. You allow the uber rich to give unlimited to elections by direct advertising and you end up with an uber rich guy (or corporation) on the right against an uber rich guy on the left in some twisted game of mass political monopoly with the people left out.     

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