Nine of Cups: Black Friday

black-friday      nine-of-cups

I’m been thinking about Black Friday and the Tarot. After looking at a number of cards, I settled on the Nine of Cups.  This card is about feeling Fulfilled, Pleasure, and Satisfaction. I assume that is what people are looking for as an outcome for their Black Friday activities. While these emotions are positive, the card can be seen in a few ways.

Take a close look at this card. It features a man sitting defiantly in front of a tall display table of of prized valuable cups. His look of satisfaction or feeling maybe the one achieved after a successful venture into the shopping frenzy that has become an annual tradition in the US.

He could be sitting in front of his cups like a proud collector or successful shopper, or I see him as a merchant waiting for an offer, a gatekeeper if you will. The cups could be seen as a desire like a vision of what this person may want like a dream that hangs over his head tempting and taunting him.

Also, whats under the cups under the table cover? Is this the really good stuff, the elusive item, deal, sale, big fish, score that will make waiting outside on one of the coldest days of the year, to endure crowds, lines, and chaos worth it.

The question is how long will that satisfaction last? Can this guy maintain his satisfaction, fulfillment and pleasure from his say nine valuable cups? Maybe. But he is just sitting there guarding his stuff and holding firm with his arms folded. Does he use this cups? And if he does, does he need nine? Note the complete lack of other people in this card. Is it about feeling satisfied with our stuff to the exclusion of social interaction?

The people in the Black Friday mob in the other picture will most definitely tare into their bags, and boxes and start putting together there stuff with the same frenzied determination they put into their shopping like the huge animal roasting on a spit after a successful hunt. Out with the old (or slightly used) in with the new (slightly newer, slightly better-ish) is the battle cry.

But the question is do we really need nine cups? And considering that Black Friday is now Black Thanksgiving Day, I have to wonder if like the Nine of Cups, we are trading our family and social life for material satisfaction.

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