Thanks for visiting Tarot by Brian

I have been intrigued by the Tarot since I was a child. Throughout my life, I  would seek out a Tarot reading. Some times this was for fun like when I saw a Tarot reader at a fair or festival. Other times, I would seek out a reading to help during times of life transition like when starting a new relationship, a new job, before or ending a college program, or when making a big move.

For me the Tarot is about the ongoing story of our life’s and the interconnected energy, events, people and influences that impact that story.

The Tarot for me is not about predicting the future.

It’s about exploring our life story as a guide to direct our future. A Tarot by Brian reading is about expanding on your life story through the narrative guide of the Tarot layout. I see Tarot cards more of the storyboard of the exciting movie of your life. Consider me less  of a mystic and more of an entertaining storyteller and script writing assistant for your great the life movie.

If you are looking to have your first Tarot Reading, or if you have had many, a Tarot by Brian reading will be insightful.

I provide individual readings, online via Skype or in person in the Greenbelt Maryland/DC Area. I also provide readings for parties and events, and make appearances at area festival, and venues. Check my events schedules for updates.

About this site: Along with doing individual readings, I also use the Tarot to better relate to world events and pop culture. Check out my blog to read my cultural Tarot readings.


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